Upgrading from NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central – What’s New?

Word Document – Document Layouts

Tell Me (Alt + Q)

As you type in the Tell Me window, the scope has broadened to include online Help content as well as actions from the current page that you can immediately activate.  You can also navigate to pages and reports across the application based on their page caption.

Word Docs – Document Layouts

Business Central includes several built-in layouts. Built-in layouts are predefined layouts that are designed for specific reports.  Custom layouts are report layouts that you design to change the appearance of a report. You typically create a custom layout based on a built-in layout, but you can create them from scratch or from a copy of an existing custom layout.

Different templates can be applied to distinct customers.

Word documents can also be sent automatically as an email. You can create professional-looking email cover-letter templates that include images and invoice information, such as totals, due dates, and payment terms, to use when sending emails to customers.

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