Upgrading from NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central – What’s New?

Modern User Interface

Modern User Interface

A fresh, modern experience makes it easier to adapt Dynamics 365 Business Central to your organisation and simplify the learning path for users. Users get a new refreshed experience that helps them become more productive.

With the new experience, users get a more streamlined navigation with the back button displayed prominently on the left of the page and with special dynamic system commands occupying the middle section. These elements move the navigation closer to users, allowing them to stay focused on the data and task at hand.

One of the most noticeable features is that there is no longer a left-hand menu. You’ll notice that if you go to other Microsoft 365 products – like the Office products – that they look very similar to the Business Central environment. Microsoft are giving a common look and feel across all their apps to improve user experience.

One significantly different piece of functionality is the ‘insights panel’ which allows you to see specific stats or information that you would find useful in the day to day running of your organisation.

In the screenshot below, you can see that the display is set as large images, but you can change it to smaller pictures or a list view – just like before.  Also, along the top of the screen there are no longer any icons but instead the menu items appear as text.

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