Upgrading from NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central – What’s New?

Incoming Documents

Incoming Documents

On the incoming documents page, you can use different functions to review expense receipts, manage OCR tasks, and convert incoming document files, manually or automatically, to the relevant documents or journal lines. The external files can be attached at any process stage, including to posted documents and to the resulting vendor, customer, and general ledger entries.

To record an external document in Business Central, you must first create or complete an incoming document record. You can do this manually, or you can take a photo of the external document and then create the incoming document record with the image file attached.

You can store external business documents in Business Central by attaching the document files to the related incoming document records. If the document, such as a purchase invoice, did not start its existence as an incoming document record, you can still create and connect an incoming document record to it later.

The attached document is available to view from any table in NAV that is updated when the document is posted, e.g. the purchase invoice image is available on the Vendor Ledger Entry and also the General Ledger Entry.

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