Tablet App for Dynamics NAV

What is the Sysco Mobile App for NAV?

An ERP system that can be accessed anywhere is a must in today’s fast moving world. With mobile fast becoming the device of choice it is imperative you and your field service engineers can access and update the data stored in your ERP system on your tablet from any location in Ireland, Northern Ireland or the UK. With this in mind we have developed Sysco Mobile.

Sysco Mobile for NAV offers unique off-line synchronisation capabilities not available in the standard NAV application. This allows sales people and service engineers to operate off-line where an on-line connection is not available from anywhere in Ireland, Northern Ireland or the UK.

Sysco Mobile is an app that brings you all the features you need from Microsoft Dynamics NAV right to your Windows tablet – accessible anywhere.

What our customers say…

We use the mobile solution for our van sales operation. Our drivers work remotely on the sales app without a live connection to Microsoft Dynamics NAV during the day. We use the electronic signature function to capture customer signatures on screen. When the drivers return in the evening they sync all data (sales/stock transactions, signed delivery notes etc.) back into Dynamics NAV from their tablet. It’s a robust and reliable system that provides secure data transfer, as well as efficiency savings in the office.

James Doherty, Management Accountant, James Doherty Meats

Easily configured

One of the greatest features of Dynamics NAV is how customisable it is and Sysco Mobile is no different. We know your company is unique and we can configure our App to suit your companies’ unique needs.

User friendly

With its easy-to-use, intuitive interface you can use Sysco Mobile straight away with very little training.

Multiple Versions

We know that people need NAV on their tablets for a variety of reasons. Some people need tablet access to NAV walking around the warehouse floor, some people need to input sales orders into NAV on the road or check existing service requests. We have developed different models of Sysco Mobile to suit a variety of different industries and job roles.

Offline capabilities

Sysco Mobile can operate without an internet connection. Any updates and amendments you make in offline mode will synchronize with the Dynamics NAV server next time you go online.

No 3rd Parties

When support issues arise it can be difficult when you have a support contract with a Microsoft Dynamics partner and another 3rd party software provider. Sysco support Dynamics NAV and Sysco Mobile as one solution. This way you have a ‘one stop shop’ when any issues arise within NAV, whether it be the mobile app or Dynamics NAV itself.

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