Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – 2019 Manufacturing Trends Report

As a new generation of sophisticated technologies transforms manufacturing into a highly connected, intelligent and more productive industry, modern manufacturers have become more than just makers – they’re the thread that connects the entire lifecycle of a product.

This report explores six emerging manufacturing trends that empower manufacturers to design more intelligent operations and increase the speed of doing business. Discover how:

  • IT systems are merging with operational technologies as companies invest in modern technology and transform through new business models.
  • Manufacturers are moving from product models to service models, giving their customers more options with greater flexibility.
  • Connected intelligence, like AI and machine learning, is creating a new breed of intelligent manufacturing.
  • Evolving technology is unlocking new opportunities to improve manufacturing processes, better support employees and create new, innovative products.
  • A new generation of highly-educated workers are forcing businesses to rethink their priorities.
  • A polarized, highly politicised environment makes it difficult for organisations to plan for the future.

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