Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organising and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty in the sales, marketing, and customer service fields.

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Your business revolves around the relationships you are able to cultivate with your customers. You want to attract new customers, retain the ones you have, and grow their business with you.  Customer relationship management (CRM) for marketing teams uses multichannel marketing automation and analytics for improved marketing execution, insight, results, and customer targeting and segmentation.

The customer relationship management (CRM) tools in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can take the work out of your job by helping you easily plan, create, manage, and execute campaigns, guarantee your digital assets are correct and kept up to date, and ensure you have the right people on the right tasks. At the same time, you can help improve your team’s efficiency through powerful workflow and collaboration tools.

Segment and target your contacts more effectively with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Marketing Lists & Campaigns

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to segment and profile your customers and create specific marketing lists. Workflows can be put in place to automatically add new contacts to existing marketing lists when they are added to the system – removing the need to remember and manually add.  All activities pre campaign (e.g. book venue, order marketing material) and all campaign activities (e.g. email shot, follow up calls) can be recorded against the campaign to let your marketing team work more effectively together. With all new opportunities linked to the campaign, Return on Investment can quickly be monitored for future campaigns.


ClickDimensions Email Marketing and Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers marketers to generate and qualify high quality leads while providing sales the ability to prioritize the best leads and opportunities. Providing Email Marketing, Web Tracking, Lead Scoring, Social Discovery, Form Capture, Surveys, Landing Pages, Nurture Marketing, Subscription Management, Campaign Tracking and more, ClickDimensions allows organisations to discover who is interested in their products, quantify their level of interest and take the appropriate actions.

For organisations who want to take their marketing to the next level, Sysco implement ClickDimensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  ClickDimensions is the highest ranking solution in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace with 5/5 stars and have won many awards for their marketing solution; for these reasons Sysco have implemented ClickDimensions internally and for a number of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers.  Adding the ability track opens/clicks from email marketing, web tracking, web form capturing, surveys, social discovery and SMS. Social Discovery uses discovery techniques to find publicly available prospect information from the social web. ClickDimensions social discovery will bring back data and direct links to the lead or contact’s identities from a variety of social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. View the information on the ClickDimensions profile, or easily embed social profiles anywhere on your CRM lead and contact records. Knowing more about your leads from the social web can be helpful in understanding their fit with your qualification criteria. For more information contact us or visit ClickDimensions.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

With the acquisition of MarketingPilot last year, Microsoft have extended the marketing functionality. MarketingPilot extends the standard marketing functionality by adding resource management, spend management, cross channel campaign management (inc. social media) and media buying and planning. Drag and drop campaign manager allows you to build custom campaigns and manage the nurturing process within marketing.  Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is a large solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can meet the needs of even the largest marketing department.  Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is available for a CRM Online user with an Enterprise License.  Please contact for more information.

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