Web Portal Applications with Microsoft Dynamics

Now with a Web Portal solution as standard. Microsoft Dynamics enables web portal creation with point and click technology.

Seamless integration with Dynamics CRM

Transform service user web experience with the web portal capabilities in Dynamics CRM.

Extend Dynamics CRM to the web to deliver exceptional user service and increase service user and citizen engagement and satisfaction.

Quickly build secure, self-service customer experiences optimised for mobile and desktop.

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA)

In a seven part series, Sysco’s Richard Dunlop discusses with Sandra McElhinney the Head of Information and ICT at RQIA regarding her thoughts on Sysco’s implementation of Microsoft Dynamics at RQIA.

The series covers the various pre-deployment challenges faced by RQIA and their service users as well as the long lasting benefits and outcomes that a Microsoft Dynamics implementation has brought to RQIA and their service users.

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