Data Management with Microsoft Dynamics

Data Analysis is all about the details, sometimes that’s exactly what prevents us getting the insight needed to make the best decisions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power BI bring complex information to life, with interactive live data widgets and graphs.

Big Data Integration with Power BI

Data Presentation

Manage and present large volumes of data using Microsoft Power BI.

Actionable Insights

Turn data into actionable insights that lead to higher-quality decision making.

Management Reporting

Empower users with self service management reports.


What is Power BI?

The best business decisions come from having best data and insights. With Power BI you get the best of both worlds.

Power BI is a powerful business analytics service that allows users to analyse and visualise data.

Data Accessibility

Access all of your data from anywhere, on premises and in the cloud together in a single place.

Pre-Built or Custom Dashboards

Use Pre-Built or Custom Dashboards for popular services to quickly explore data in incredible detail.

Interactive Reports

Create interactive reports for deep analysis in a matter of minutes.

Dashboard Layouts

View Live Dashboards with real-time updates. Keep on top of changes as they happen.

Natural Language Queries

Simplify data exploration with interactive reports. Natural language queries enable you to type questions and receive answers in the form of visualisations.

Stunning Presentations

Collaborate with organisation team members by sharing visually stunning data presentations.

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA)

In a seven part series, Sysco’s Richard Dunlop discusses with Sandra McElhinney the Head of Information and ICT at RQIA regarding her thoughts on Sysco’s implementation of Microsoft Dynamics at RQIA.

The series covers the various pre-deployment challenges faced by RQIA and their service users as well as the long lasting benefits and outcomes that a Microsoft Dynamics implementation has brought to RQIA and their service users.

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