Case Management with Microsoft Dynamics

Manage enquiries such as Freedom of Information requests, complaints and general enquiries from initial contact to resolution.

Manage Case Interactions and Requests

As the Government’s strategy opens up digital channels for citizens to access services, CRM solutions have a crucial role to play in helping public sector organisations to manage interactions with their citizens.

With many public sector customers, Sysco Software has a deep understanding of the unique needs of public sector organisations and provides them with choice around deployment methods, pricing and functionality.

  • Improve productivity by automating court processes, monitoring and tracking case activities, supporting decisions through real-time data, and more.
  • Case management provides an end-to-end case management workflow. You can create, track, schedule, assign, and modify cases as needed.
  • Search and pull reports at an inter-departmental, inter-department and organisational levels.
  • Track the history of case steps, actions and events.
  • Team members can track case hours, and the amount of time and effort invested across assigned cases. Case management provides real time status of progress at an organisation level.

Cross-Channel Communication

Cross-Channel Communication with Microsoft Dynamics enables Public Sector organisations to communicate effectively across traditional and emerging engagement channels such as telephone, social media, text messaging and more.

Regardless of channel medium, interactions with service users are recorded and can be transferred to any other channel as required. 

Agent Productivity

Knowledge-centric support.

Agent Swarming.

Visibility across all channels & applications.

Channel Guidance

Seamless transfer from unassisted contact to assisted contact.

Deflection to lowest cost channel and aid self service.

Adaptive Service Modules

Proactively guide customers to the right channel with right answer based on least customer effort.

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA)

In a seven part series, Sysco’s Richard Dunlop discusses with Sandra McElhinney the Head of Information and ICT at RQIA regarding her thoughts on Sysco’s implementation of Microsoft Dynamics at RQIA.

The series covers the various pre-deployment challenges faced by RQIA and their service users as well as the long lasting benefits and outcomes that a Microsoft Dynamics implementation has brought to RQIA and their service users.

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