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‘7 emerging trends that are changing manufacturing’

In the last decade, few industries have been impacted by rapid advancements in technology quite like manufacturing has. As manufacturers look to manage the opportunities and challenges that technology has delivered, many are looking back to the source to help them thrive in this new environment.

Sysco, using Microsoft Dynamics technology, are empowering manufacturers to improve their speed of doing business through connected operations, driving business today and into the future. Download 7 emerging trends that are changing manufacturing, and learn how Microsoft Dynamics AX is helping manufacturers accelerate product introductions, develop more agile shop floor execution and deliver more intelligent order fulfilment.

  • A discussion on emerging trends like the Internet of Things and agile manufacturing.
  • Insight into connected operations that help you anticipate business needs and optimise productivity
  • Dive into what’s new in Microsoft Dynamics AX and learn why Sysco has the right solution for you.