Bakery ERP Supply Chain Module

Built upon the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform, our Bakery solution is tailored around the requirements of the production, sales and supply chain requirements of companies making diverse ranges of products including bread, rolls, hot plate items and pastries.

Bakery ERP Supply Chain Module

Our Microsoft Dynamics solution supports demand and supply chain management as well as efficient collaboration amongst depots, warehouses and processing plants and ultimately the end customers.

Efficiencies gained from an integrated system can substantially reduce transaction costs whilst improving customer service and profitability.

Route Management functionality shows operators daily and weekly plans showing status of each route by depot. Multiple sales order types are catered for including weekly standing orders for customers such as schools and hospitals, fast order entry.

Direct integration to van sales systems for sales and stock allows automatic processing of van sales.

Advanced Warehousing allows for single, multiple or centralised distribution. Configure warehouses by area, bin and shelf locations and using ‘Pick Inventory’ allows you to manage ‘best before’ effectively with minimum waste.

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