Qualify Prospects
Identify business prospects and track them throughout the project sales development process.

Develop and identify new prospects.
Track individual enquiries or commercial enquiries by stakeholder referral or CIS / Glenigan tender requests…

Identify & Manage Prospects

Identify business prospects and track them through the project development process. Create online web forms and landing pages. Know when prospects visit your website.

Tender / Project Management

Qualify projects from Prospects and manage each opportunity. Assign tender / project opportunities to sales managers across each part of the business.

Build Stakeholder Relationships

Sales Teams who engage with project and opportunity stakeholders over a sustained period of time reap the benefit by developing strong business relationships.

How it Works: Create Prospects from Individuals & Tenders

Input Suitable Individuals & Tenders as Prospects

Take in Tenders from multiple sources such as the CIS Database or the Glenigan Tender database. Create a sales process that works for your business.

Existing Account?
Existing Contact?
Next Action Date:
Last Action Date
Prospect Source:

Business Processes that work for you

Sysco’s expert knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics ensures that the Prospect Qualification process is tailored to work for your own business processes, not the other way around.

Record data that matters most to you

Input only the most important prospect information such as official tender reference codes, budget approved or auto-assign internal numbering conventions.

Assign New Prospects / Tenders to Existing Accounts

Maintain key account and contact records by assigning new tenders or requests for quotations to existing accounts. Use this information to ensure your sales teams are focusing on key accounts with the highest win ratio / earning potential.

Part of a Business Group? Notify Multiple Business Entities of Project Involvement

In many cases, individual quotation requests or commercial tender projects involve multiple products requiring individual bids. If operate within a group of companies, manufacturing a range of products for the construction industry. You can configure Sysco’s Construction CRM Solution for Sales to notify Product Managers within each sister company to review new prospects and investigate projects at a “sub-prospect” level.

Notify Business Entities

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