Develop Opportunities
Assign individual and commercial tender opportunities to Sales Mangers. Monitor the real-time progress of active project opportunities from anywhere.

Manage, bid and track the progress
of multi-phase projects by
Creating Project Opportunities

Assign tender and new sale opportunities to Sales Team Members. Monitor the progress from anywhere.

Create Up & X-Sale Opportunities

Highlight possible Up & X-Sale opportunities by building and maintaining project stakeholder relationships. Promoting sales team collaboration with Sales Gamification

Monitor Competitor Activities

Identify where projects are being won or lost to competitors with an organised methodology and powerful sales analytics. Maintain Sales Product Literature that give Sales Teams a faster, intelligent response.

Highlight New Up & X-Sale Opportunities

Just as engaging stakeholders can uncover new projects and opportunities. Having the visibility of project opportunities outside of direct tender requests builds sales.

Trend Analysis

Visualising data sources helps to identify hidden sales. Notifying sales teams of customers who are highly likely to purchase complementary products or services increases Up-Sales and yearly revenues.

Target the Hottest Accounts

Know your most profitable customers. Use sales intelligence to target prospects and contractors that are likely to translate into greater long-term opportunities. Be strategic and spend efforts on opportunities with the highest potential ROI.

“With Sysco Construction CRM, every opportunity, every specification, every service request, every preference and every past contact detail about every customer is now at our fingertips. Every contact we have with our customers is always personal, relevant and always up to date.”

Gordon McCaw – National Supply Chain & Partnership Manager
Metal Technology

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