Sales Reporting
Stay on target with real-time visibility of projects and opportunity pipelines across your business.

Stay on target with real-time visibility of your Project and Opportunity Pipeline
Sales Analysis Tools and Power BI

With custom dashboards and interactive reports, visualise how your sales and project management teams are performing. Monitor data and drill-down for more information.

Respond Quickly

Identify and act on troubled areas, such as increasing lead and sales efforts in a region where products or bids are not selling or completing successfully.

Optimise Sales Operations

Take corrective actions to optimise sales operations and ensure that revenue goals will be met. Identify opportunities that are taking longer to close and take steps to rectify the problem.

Visualise your opportunities

Power BI helps you identify opportunities on a single dashboard. Analyse your pipeline or view your sales across a variety of metrics to gain actionable insights.

Dive deep into your data

Drill down into each top level chart to understand specifics of metrics such as prospects, projects, opportunities and products. Customise these reports to get the information you need.

Gain insights into your customers

Out-of-the-box workbooks provide visuals on key metrics such as customer engagement. Understand case analysis by type, priority and geography. Analyse service performance on number of cases, resolution rate, level of priority and more.

“Sysco took the time to understand the specific needs of our colleagues and help develop specific reporting views, for internal management, supply chain partners, main contractors and fabricators. Such reports can now be tailored to suit the specific request and drawn down within minutes…”

Gordon McCaw – National Supply Chain & Partnership Manager
Metal Technology

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