Tobermore Concrete Products makes productivity gains with Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning

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Download the case study to read how Sysco solved the challenges at Tobermore Concrete Products with Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Tobermore Concrete products is one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers of rectangular and interlocking paving blocks for the landscape and building sectors. It has been in business for 65 years and has 220 employees.

The company owes its name to the location of its head office in Northern Ireland and it has five more satellite offices in Bangor, Dublin, Galway, Cork and Leyland in the UK. All of its concrete products are manufactured and distributed from head office.

Some companies instantly see the benefits of technology, but having got its fingers burned with another accounts software upgrade in the recent past, Tobermore needed a lot of persuading. “We made the change in the expectation that it would be no worse than we already had,” relates Glenn Robinson, general manager of Tobermore Concrete. “It was a nightmare. There were lots of problems, it didn’t do what we wanted and there was significant downtime every day. There was poor support, implementation and training. If you want a case study of how not to do something, that was it. We worked and tried to get it to deliver benefits, but the product just couldn’t stand up to it.”

According to Robinson, the company wanted a system that could handle the growing volume of orders Tobermore received, while making it easy for staff to input these orders immediately. “We wanted to enhance the customer experience and make the whole order processing aspect of doing business with Tobermore much slicker. We also needed reliability and a product that would support our long term growth with a company behind it to provide the necessary support.”

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