Manor Farm counts its chickens with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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Download the case study to read how Sysco solved the challenges at Manor Farm with Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Manor Farm breeds, feeds, grows and produces Manor Farm chicken. The Manor Farm business is very diverse in that we manage the whole supply chain. They have full control over the various stages of chicken production, from breeding the chickens and milling the feed, to processing the meat. They also manage the sales side of the business, where we trade our stock with all the major retail outlets, as well as independent butchers.

The company as a whole relied heavily on manual data entry across multiple systems which did not integrate with one another. It required inputting data on spreadsheets and then transferring this data to another system, thereby duplicating efforts and wasting valuable time.

Manor Farm’s invoicing system for example, required three stages which were all different in some way and needed a third party to process the final stage. They required a system that would integrate the various business silos and give management an overview of operations to allow for better planning and proactive management practices to improve efficiencies.

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