Aircraft Leasing Software
built on Microsoft Dynamics

A collaborative, use anywhere aircraft leasing software for contracts, assets, technical data, asset forecasting and management reporting built on Dynamics.

At the heart of Sysco Software is a team of highly skilled subject matter experts who – when put in front of our business system challenges – proposed solutions that accommodate us today and act as a foundation for tomorrow. They can act as project manager, business analyst and technical architect which is invaluable when trying to fix business challenges.

Adrian Noone, Application Manager, SMBC Aviation Capital

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A collaborative, use anywhere aircraft leasing software for contracts, assets, technical data, asset forecasting and management reporting built on Dynamics.

Manage your Deal Desk from the initial tender to the LOI to the execution

Our tailored application manages your aircraft accounts, contacts, assets and lease transactions. The deal sheet uses workflow to process a deal through your various legal, technical, risk and audit teams with full version controlled document management and scheduled notifications.

Social insights provide a cockpit view of relevant information from leading aviation news sources unique to each contact. Having the latest information enables you to engage more effectively with contacts and prospects without ever leaving your deal desk.

Sysco’s aircraft leasing CRM solution is a premier communication and collaboration platform running in Office365 and designed specifically to help your whole organisation benefit from the latest technological advances and communicate and collaborate more effectively to win more and better deals.

Deal Desk

Manage all aspects of the contract from initial negotiation to completion and future redelivery

Contracts can be tracked from the initial negotiations and security deposit transactions to the redelivery of the asset onto an extension or second lease.

Sysco Leasing Software provides secure, real-time business intelligence across all lessor teams including legal, risk, sales and operations.

To improve maintenance efficiency and fleet performance, Sysco Leasing Software generates forecast results to predict preventive maintenance needs for assets.

Manage all company assets with full integration to the general ledger

Aviation specific depreciation methods allow your assets to be depreciated up to the next UEL point.

For second and future leases the redelivery costs can be capitalised into a second asset and depreciated over the life of the new lease.

Any lease incentive asset associated with the asset or maintenance fund can be set-up and automatically amortised to the P&L.

Manage fund life cycles from set-up to rate escalations, hour cycle adjustment and maintenance claims

Maintenance funds are set-up against the lease for future maintenance events. Funds can be Cash or Non-cash.

The complete life-cycle of the fund can be managed from initial set-up to rate escalations, Hour Cycle Adjustment and maintenance claims and redeliveries.

Securities can be raised against a Contract to support the lease process or as a substitute to the Cash Maintenance Funds.

Manage the purchase of new assets and the redelivery of second & future leases

The Job Costings module is used to manage the purchase of new assets and the redelivery for second & future leases.

The tracking of actual spend on “Pre delivery payments” and “Buyer Furnished Equipment” budgets are also managed with seamless links into the purchase and stock modules.

Sysco Leasing Software enables teams to communicate and collaborate on deals and leases anywhere in the world through a browser or from apps on any device.

Real-time reports that provide financial forecasts enabling decision making

Analyse data to gain meaningful insights. Sysco Leasing Software harnesses the power of report wizard configurations to helps lessors quickly and easily create sophisticated reports with charts, tables and drill-through capabilities.

Group and summarise lease data and share insightful reports with your entire organisation. Add chart and table visuals and get the right information to the right people.

Real-time reports monitor business performance and lease data from anywhere in the world with full integration to the deal desk.

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